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Establish a clear financial vision with knowledgeable financial advisors.

Our Process

Harnessing our extensive expertise and imaginative financial strategies, we craft a customized plan that aligns precisely with your intricate financial requirements and aspirations. Supported by a seasoned team and an expansive network of resources, your dedicated financial advisor empowers you to effectively navigate crucial decisions and pivotal milestones, instilling a profound sense of assurance in your financial future.

1. Understand and Quantify Your Financial Goals

Our advisors conduct in-depth discussions and thorough analysis. By engaging in meaningful conversations, our team can gain insights into clients’ aspirations, lifestyle preferences, and long-term objectives. They then employ financial modeling, cash flow projections, and risk assessments to quantify these goals, determining the required savings, investment returns, and timelines needed to achieve them.

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2. Research

Our advisors conduct extensive research and gather relevant data to provide valuable insights and recommendations to our clients. They utilize various reputable sources, industry reports, economic indicators, and market trends to stay informed about investment opportunities and risks. They may also leverage advanced data analysis tools and financial models to analyze historical data, assess performance metrics, and identify potential investment strategies.

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3. Verify

Before we begin the process, we like to check in with you and verify that our ideas and your goals are aligned in all areas. We never want to move forward without making sure everyone is on the same page about what’s happening with your money. 

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4. Review

Through regular and transparent communication, Clear Harbor seeks to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the progress made toward their financial goals. By reviewing plan outcomes, we can assess the effectiveness of the strategies and make any necessary adjustments to stay aligned with your evolving needs. By discussing written advice, we provide an opportunity for our clients to ask questions, gain clarity, and provide feedback, fostering a collaborative relationship where we can continue to provide tailored guidance and support.

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5. Implement

Clear Harbor works closely with clients to execute the recommended strategies and actions outlined in the plan created by our advisors. This may involve coordinating with various financial institutions, setting up investment accounts, initiating asset allocations, and implementing tax-efficient strategies. We can provide guidance and support throughout the implementation process, ensuring that our client’s investments, retirement plans, estate plans, and other components of the financial strategy are effectively put into action. Regular monitoring and periodic adjustments are made to keep the plan on track, optimizing the chances of success and enabling our clients to progress steadily towards their desired financial outcomes.

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6. Adjust

We understand that financial circumstances and goals can evolve over time, requiring adjustments to the original plan. We regularly assess the performance of the implemented strategies and monitor changes in the market, regulations, and personal circumstances of the client. If necessary, we will proactively recommend adjustments to the plan to ensure it remains aligned with our client’s evolving needs and objectives. By actively monitoring and adjusting the plan, Clear Harbor aims to optimize outcomes and ensure that our client’s financial strategy remains flexible, adaptable, and well-suited to their ever-changing financial landscape.

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Investment Philosophy

How Our Investment Philosophy Can Help You

At Clear Harbor Wealth Management, our investment philosophy is built on a scientific, research-backed approach. We focus on creating diversified, risk-managed portfolios designed to weather market volatility and deliver consistent returns over time. Our commitment to evidence-based investing ensures that we make informed decisions aimed at achieving your unique financial goals.

Our Services
Portfolio Management

We craft strategic, diversified portfolios to maximize returns and safeguard your business assets, all while navigating market volatility.

Investment Solutions

We help you navigate the complexities of the investment landscape, designing strategies that balance risk and reward, and align with your business growth objectives.

Financial Planning

We create personalized strategies that encompass all aspects of your financial life, aiming to build wealth and secure your future in alignment with your unique goals and circumstances.

Insurance Planning

We evaluate your unique needs and potential risks, then guide you in selecting the appropriate insurance policies to safeguard your assets, ensuring peace of mind for your future.

Risk Management

We assess your unique financial landscape, identifying potential risks, and devise strategic solutions to minimize their impact, ensuring your wealth preservation and growth despite market uncertainties.

Estate Planning

We assist in creating robust estate plans that consider tax implications, potential legal issues, and your familial and philanthropic goals, offering peace of mind for you and your loved ones' future.

Tax Planning & Credits

We strategize to ensure your business operations are tax-efficient, allowing you to focus on growth while we navigate the complexities of business tax regulations.

Goal Establishment

We are dedicated to helping you establish clear, measurable financial goals. We work closely with you to understand your aspirations and financial situation.

Social Security Benefit PLanning

We analyze your unique situation, guide you through the complexities of Social Security, and help you make informed decisions about your benefits, ensuring you get the most out of your retirement years.

Cost Segregation

We expertly analyze your property investments to identify assets that can be depreciated over a shorter tax life, potentially delivering significant tax benefits to your business.

Key EMployee Retention

We assist in creating attractive benefits packages and compensation plans that not only incentivize longevity but also align with your financial capacity and business objectives.

Pension Funds

Our focus is on securing the long-term financial health of your employees' retirement plans, using strategic investments to ensure growth and stability.

The Best Solutions for Your Unique Situation

Through an investment in a private placement fund we were able to eliminate the 400k plus capital gain our client had while at the same time provide them a nice positive return on his investment. We took a 100k fully taxable asset and got it taxed at 75% of its value and provided the client with an asset where the principle and all future growth will never be taxed.

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