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Creative Financial Advice Tailored to Your Unique Situation

Manage Your Overall Wealth

Our team recognizes the distinct circumstances of business owners, going beyond conventional financial planning by seamlessly integrating business income into the overall financial plan. We analyze your business's cash flow to devise strategies that optimize your personal financial plan. By treating your business as an integral component of your financial picture, we ensure a comprehensive wealth management plan that aligns with your entrepreneurial and personal aspirations.

Prepare for Exit

Our experienced team provides expert guidance to business owners navigating a business sale. Through strategic planning and tax optimization techniques, we maximize the value derived from the sale. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation and values, we create a personalized plan aligned with your goals, empowering you to capitalize on this significant milestone. With our refined expertise, you can confidently navigate the complexities of a business sale and achieve long-term financial prosperity.

Our Process

Harnessing our extensive expertise and imaginative financial strategies, we craft a customized plan that aligns precisely with your intricate financial requirements and aspirations. Supported by a seasoned team and an expansive network of resources, your dedicated financial advisor empowers you to effectively navigate crucial decisions and pivotal milestones, instilling a profound sense of assurance in your financial future.

Tax Planning & Credits

We provide specialized tax planning services tailored for businesses, helping to optimize your tax situation and improve your bottom line.

Portfolio Management

We craft strategic, diversified portfolios for your business to maximize returns and safeguard your business assets, all while navigating market volatility.

Pension Funds

Our focus is on securing the long-term financial health of your employees' retirement plans, using strategic investments to ensure growth and stability.

Entity Selection

Our expertise aids in weighing the financial and tax implications of each entity type, supporting you in making an informed decision that optimizes your business operations and growth.

Cost Segregation

We expertly analyze your property investments to identify assets that can be depreciated over a shorter tax life, potentially delivering significant tax benefits to your business.

Key Employee Retention

We assist in creating attractive benefits packages and compensation plans that not only incentivize longevity but also align with your financial capacity and business objectives.

Investment Planning

We help you navigate the complexities of the investment landscape, designing strategies that balance risk and reward, and align with your business growth objectives.

Business Owners May Qualify For More

We had a client that had sold a business for a few million dollars. There was no cost basis in the business so there was a large capital gain tax expected. Through our discover phase we learned that this business owner was very active in the real estate market place. If he qualified as a “real estate professional” we knew that there was a potential favorable IRS code that could benefit his tax situation.

Business Succession Planning

We help you create a comprehensive succession plan that considers all aspects of the process, from identifying potential successors to addressing financial, tax, and legal implications, ensuring your business's longevity and success.

Business Valuation

Our meticulous approach considers all factors, from financials to market conditions, helping you understand your business's true value for purposes such as strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, or succession planning.

Education About Your Financial Future

We provided a written summary of how Medicare works for one of our clients so they better understood the options they had. This also helped them understand what benefits they received, how much it will cost, how and when to sign up and what the gaps are. We really like to help educate our clients, so they are making informed decisions when it comes to their financial wellbeing.

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